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Reconstruction of the acquired frontal bone defect using a 3D printed titanium implant

Reconstruction of the acquired frontal bone defect conducted to restore the patient face symmetry.


Several years earlier a young male patient had an accident during agricultural work, which seriously damaged the boy’s face. The patient had undergone several major reconstructive surgeries which restored the functionality and symmetry of the middle face.

The last reconstructive surgery was mainly for aesthetic reasons, to restore symmetry in the frontal bone, where its lack was very noticeable for the young man.


The only solution which would help to restore symmetric face appearance was to design a custom frontal bone implant made to match the patient’s anatomy. Based on CT-scans, a 3D model of the patient’s current anatomy was created. Using mirroring, we could restore the facial symmetry and design geometry of the implant. Implant fixation points were defined in places with maximum bone thickness to prevent screws protrusion and to ensure stable implant fixation. After the design acceptance by the surgeon, the patient-specific implant was 3D printed from the titanium alloy.


During surgery personalized titanium implant was placed in the bone lodge, under the patient’s skin. The operation went without any complications.


There was no infection after surgery. The good visual result was achieved and the patient was satisfied.